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New Book!
Awareness Adventures:

Discovering Your True Nature

A deep dive into the joys of being pure awareness, with new essays, meditations, explorations, and games to help you discover your true nature as happiness itself. From the co-host of the Awareness Explorers podcast, and author of Awareness Games: Playing With your Mind to Create Joy.

What if you heard about something that eased your pain, that soothed your suffering, that brought you joy and love and peace; something that overflowed with good humor and good will, that infused your every experience with beauty and grace and laughter? What if you heard that this something cost nothing, came in an infinite supply, and could never ever fail you?

What if the tales you heard of this marvelous something were so convincing that no doubt of its reality lingered in your mind?

How far would you travel to find it? How persistently would you search for it? How much would you value it if you found it?

What an adventure that would be!

Your voyage of discovery begins here.

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Two approaches: the practical and the philosophical

There are two approaches that I explore in the book. One is the philosophical approach and the other is the Practical approach. The philosophical approach is about your identity as the entire universe, and the practical approach is about happiness. 

The philosophical approach involves nonduality -- the idea that there's only one thing going on and that's who you are you are: the universe looking out through your eyes. So the deepest sense of yourself -- the "I" behind the "Me"—is the universe. 

The other approach is the Practical approach, which is simply about happiness. And it's a kind of a formula: you relax and you allow everything to be as it is, meaning you temporarily drop any strategy you have to change anything, especially how you feel, and you turn your attention to the knowingness in which all your experience appears (I call that pure awareness).-When you do that, you touch the universal pure allowing—the unconditional love and the happiness that is the basic nature of pure awareness—that which knows all your experience and yet does not disallow any experience. 

When the individual mind turns around, touches it, and identifies with it, something happens: the usual one-way stream from the outside world through the brain into Universal Consciousness turns into a two-way stream, and the love and joy from Universal Consciousness flows back into the individual mind, causing joy and happiness. 

So, the two approaches, the philosophical and the practical, are actually both about the same thing: discovering your true nature, which is the subtitle of the book, Awareness Adventures: Discovering Your True Nature, because in both, they involve what you really are: the big "I" behind the little "Me."

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