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Noel from The Nothing Conference talks with Brian and takes questions from the live YouTube event audience.

In this episode, Brian tells Jonathan about finding a way out of depression through awareness, his theater background, and his influences in the spiritual search.

In addition, Brian leads a guided mediation using a window of eternity metaphor to help you expand your view into infinite awareness..

Eric Zimmer interviews Brian in this award-winning podcast, based on the parable of the good wolf and the bad wolf.  Listen here, or view it on the One You Feed site.

The One You Feed podcast interview with Brian Tom O'Connor

Or listen to it on iTunes.

Chris Luna interviewed me on his podcast, "Craft of Charisma" and we had a fun conversation about Awareness Games. Listen here.

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Awakening Together leader Regina Dawn Akers interviewed me during the Self-Awareness Retreat in La Veta, Colorado.

TitanFX - Forex Lifestyle News included me in this panel of 7 experts. Scroll down...I'm the 7th.

TitanFX - Forex Lifestyle News including Brian Tom O'Connor in this panel of 7 experts.