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Join others and play Awareness Games with Brian in New York City (once it's safe to have in-person gatherings again), and on Zoom.

From the co-host of Awareness Explorers podcast, and the author of Awareness Games: Playing with Your Mind to Create Joy.

Next Meetup: Tuesday, July 13th

Watch this space for the next Awareness Games Meetup. We usually meet in Manhattan's Midtown East, but we're meeting on Zoom for the time being.

Create More Joy!
AG Meetup July 13 2021.png
Next Meetup:
Tuesday July 13th.

Join the Meetup group to be notified of upcoming events, or watch this space for more Awareness Games Meetups.

What people are saying about the Awareness Games meetup:

"Thank you for doing what you do. Words are inadequate to express how much you give us, nor my gratitude to you."  ~E.K.

"This is amazing. I was so relaxed at your Meetup last night that my Fitbit registered me as asleep from 7:11 to 8:51 pm even though I was obviously awake!  This has never happened before."  ~B.F.

"Spaciousness, stillness, deep peace, and lots of fun."  ~L.

"I'm still pondering the "Finger" game!!! Loved tonight's games Brian!"  ~B.L.

"Playful and effortless, one is guided into deep meditation state . Relaxing and Rejuvenating"  ~T.S.

"Brian was great. So was everybody else. A splendid meetup."  ~E.K.

"Thank you Brian. Like ever widening circles.. evening games spread into the morning"  ~T.S.

"fun and meaningful sharing"  ~E.S.

"The discussion after each game was interesting and helpful. I loved it."  ~J.Y.

"Brian's "workshop" is both relaxing and [self] revealing. It is a pleasure to explore reality, awareness and self through his innovative "games" which are varied and imaginative ways of examining one's consciousness. The two meetups I participated in expanded my creativity, and I will enjoy returning for more thoughtful discovery."  ~H.W.

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